I am a firm believer in the fact, that we all have the ability and potential to create the life that we desire. It all comes down to the power of the human mind and our innate ability to have an idea, turn that idea into actions and work consistently and persistently towards our goals. The most important facet of this process is the consistently. Depending on what your goal is, this might require a high degree of focus and clarity to direct your energy and actions towards the manifestation of your goals. This is why the ability to make a decision and have clarity in terms of what you desire is so important. There was a moment in my life where I was at a very significant crossroads between an Entrepreneur and a traditional career. I spent years, at a crossroads. And because I wasn’t clear in my goals, it was really difficult to direct my energy towards the creation of anything. As a result, I was working really hard, but not making much headway in either direction. This is where I finally realized the power of decision. Once I made the decision to more or less fully direct my actions towards Entrepreneurship, this is when the magic began!

And with this being said, there is nothing wrong with being multifaceted, or diverse. In fact – diversity is very important! But ensure clarity in terms of the intended overall goal/purpose!

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