The lifestyle of an Entrepreneur requires discipline, dedication and consistency. While there are many perks such as the pursuits of time and financial freedom, these benefits are only possible through persistent effort! As an athlete your game day result is the physical manifestation of your previous efforts. Without the necessary discipline in terms of diet and exercise it can be difficult to achieve the desired outcome. And the same applies to Entrepreneurship. The ability to be a good athlete or Entrepreneur depends on your ability to self-regulate and inspire. As an athlete your coach or trainer isn’t with you every second of the day to ensure that you are maintaining an optimal lifestyle to perform effectively. And as an Entrepreneur one of the greatest perks is the fact that you are your own boss.

While this correlation is clear, I think especially in recent years through the boom of social media, and the monetization of personal branding. I think sometimes people have the perception that success as an Entrepreneur is a lot about who you know, getting “lucky” or creating that one video that happens to go viral. But you would never say that Michael Jordan or Lebron James have won numerous NBA championships because they got “lucky”. There actions determined the outcome, and the same thing applies to being an Entrepreneur, or anything really. We all have the ability to create the life that we desire, but the outcome always depends on you and the consistent action you take on a daily basis to bring you one step closer to your goals. The sooner you realize your power and role in the master plan of your life, the better.

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