At The Clarendon Trading Company (TCTC) we respect your personal privacy and do everything in our power to protect your information. All information we collect and store will be through a consistent and transparent process, that is amicable for all parties involved.

Our Privacy Policy Explains:

  • The information we collect
  • How your information is used
  • Accessing your information

Information We Collect

The purpose of TCTC collecting information is so that we can offer you better and more customized services. We may ask you personal information such as your location. Information such as this, enables us to better tailor our markets so TCTC can accommodate particular regions with higher demands.

Means of Information Collection:

Information Provided

Particularly from our subscribers we will ask for personal information such as name, email address, city, country and age. This information will be used to properly forecast what our customers want and used to better market our products towards particular demographics.

Information Through Service Use

We collect information from every customer who makes a purchase from TCTC. We directly collect your information through some of the processes indicated above, and indirectly through the monitoring of search requests, traffic indicators and connections with our advertisements.

This is again done so we can personally tailor the services we provide.

Usage of Information Collected

At TCTC we take pride in transparency, integrity, honesty and reliability not only for the company but most importantly our clients and the services we provide. With this in mind there will be no instances were your information is released without your written consent and approval.

Information We Share:

At TCTC we do not share information with any third party groups unless it falls under these circumstances

With your consent – We may share sensitive information with outside organizations if we have asked for permission to do so.

Externalities – We may provide information with our affiliates or various other trusted organization we have entered relationships with. This will assist us in creating a tailored platform for our clients. All of which is indicated within our privacy policy, and any other confidential security measures.

For Legal Purpose

Circumstances may require that information be seized, forwarded and/or forfeited over to external organizations, such circumstances may include but are not limited to instances where access is limited, maintenance is required or relief of information is necessary to:

Maintain the standards, policies, statues and/or regulatory decisions to ensure coherence and cooperation with all applicable governmental bodies.

Maintain all applicable Terms of use

Minimize, eliminate, and deter all forms of frauds or deception.

Ensure the security towards our customers is maintained and meets all rights that are required or permitted by law.

Transparency and Choice

At TCTC we attempt to meet privacy expectations through a process that is both clear and consistent. We provide numerous options, by allowing the costumer to choose the degree of information given, through some of the following ways.

You will be notified by a request to use your information outside of the pre-established terms

Obtaining and Renewing Personal Information

At TCTC we want to give you the option of accessing your personal information. Instances may occur where previous information you have given was incorrect, we want to give you the appropriate chances to either change or delete these errors. Contrarily if it is for legitimate business or legal circumstances.

When updating information, we may ask you to verify personal information such as your email address, or mailing address.

Application of Privacy Policy.

The act of accessing TCTC services implies an automatic agreement to TCTC privacy policy.

Additionally, our privacy policy does not apply to other companies or individuals who’s products or services may be displayed on our site. Secondly, our privacy policy does not cover the information practices of other organizations who advertise our services, or products.


Our privacy policy is a constantly growing and developing regulatory framework for our organization. If changes are ever made albeit vast or minimal, we will inform our clients as soon as possible to ensure everyone is aware of these changes.