Johnnel G. Francis

Co-owner and Head of Business Development

Welcome to my business, thank you for taking the time to read my bio. My passion and motivation come from my overall desire to help those in need. This motivation has mainly come from my upbringing in Jamaica. Growing up things were not always the easiest, and as a result of that I promised myself that when I had the means to I would one day help those that need it. This was the residing force that inspired me to start The Clarendon Trading Company. Additionally, I love my life as an Entrepreneur and I have always had an interest in fashion. Being an Entrepreneur is a huge aspect of my life and in many ways

my personality. I am really grateful for the fact that my personality shows through my business in a lot of ways. I enjoy networking and meeting new people. My goal is to utilize my role as a Business owner to bring value and wealth to my community.

Colette Liburd


Head of Public Relations and Community Development

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and check out my business. I honestly love my life as an entrepreneur, but my successes are only attributed to our valued customers. So, for that I thank you! One of my passions is helping people understand their personal power and the strength of community. This is one of my core values that I would say inspires everything that I do.

I decided to become an entrepreneur about 5 years ago after I graduated University. I spent literally years searching got a job in my field, and one day I decided I was tired of waiting for opportunities, so I decided to create it for myself. As a recent grad I was struggling to pay for pretty much anything, so my interest in vintage and used clothing was mainly because it was affordable. Also, I take pride in my style and I hate looking like everyone else. Vintage and sustainable fashions was a way for me to save money, while expressing my personal sense of style. How you dress and present yourself to the world really has to ability to change how you see yourself in the world and how you choose to navigate and create. I think everyone should have the ability to purchase clothing that not only makes them feel great but is also reasonably priced!