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Johnnel G. Francis

Co-owner and Head of Business Development

My passion and motivation comes from my overall desire to help those in need. This motivation has mainly come from my upbringing in Jamaica. Growing up things were not always the easiest, and as a result of that I promised myself that when I had the means to I would one day help those that need it. This was the residing force that inspired me to start The Clarendon Trading Company. Through this we have set up systems such as our Two4One method that particularly appeals to those in need of the most help. Additionally, I have chosen to pursue a career in Law, in order to positively impact as many people as possible.

Colette Liburd


Head of Public Relations and Community Development

My passion in life resides in people and the commonalities that we all share. This is my motivating factor that inspires me to work in fields that enable me to help those in need. There is so much beauty in the world, this beauty is present in the commonalities that we all share as humans. When we break down our basic desires, all of us generally want the same things and hurt for the same reasons. In people I tend not to see a stranger, but someone who is as familiar to me as myself. As a result of this, I work hard to facilitate this passion through the field of Public Health and other endeavors such as The Clarendon Trading Company to eventually